Welcome to the “The Messy Vegan”- Pantry

Making living on a whole food, plant-based diet more affordable and therefore more available for people, this is what “The Messy Vegan” stands for. Being avid cookers, bakers and clean food ingredient enthusiasts ourselves, we realised there was a need to make this type of living better available to everyone in South Africa without compromising on the quality of the product. Eager to fulfill this mission we managed to source the best quality ingredients and products simply so that we could pass them onto you at a price that leaves no excuse to buy more plant-based.

Our pantry is already stocked with a vast amount of products and ingredients, that we keep adding to as our journey takes us further.

Due to our work we were able to build up a network of suppliers and importers. So if you are looking for a specific product or ingredient that you can’t find in our pantry yet, do not hesitate to send us an email and we will try our best to source it for you.

The “The Messy Vegan”- Pantry is all of our products under one pantry roof. From raw dried goods, to our range of “TMV” cheezes, “TMV” Ready-Mixes, Frozen Meals and much more.

We deliver all of our dry and not chilled or frozen goods countrywide, door to door. Our chilled and frozen goods are at the moment only via a local pick-up option in the Johannesburg area available. We are currently working with our  courier partner to make sure that our whole product range is countrywide available as soon as possible.

We supply a number of restaurants, cafes and shops with our products. If you are interested in wholesale purchasing our products and would like to stock or sell them on, please get in touch.

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